What is Modern Twenties? Modern twenties is a blog by me, Robert Muir on how to get the most out of your twenties. These highly energised and exciting 10 years are often the best years of peoples lives, and thats what I want to get out of mine too! Having just turned 20 I am on a mission to have an awesome 10 years but an awesome 10 years that will set me up to also have another awesome 10 years after that and after that and so on. I don’t want to end up working in a cubical for some huge company not living a life. I want to build an exciting life that starts in my 20’s and continues till the end, I want to chase goals that are bigger then imaginable, I might fail or succeed but thats all part of the journey. A journey I want to live. Over this journey I will be posting about improving health, wealth and wisdom all while having an absolutely awesome time! I want to learn how to be a modern gentleman in a world to focused on the superficial and draw life back to the basics. I hope I can inspire some people on my journey and if there is anything you think I can improve on please let me know.