Digital Media Tips for Modern Gentlemen and Ladies

Being in my 20’s I have grown up with the internet and have developed a strong online profile over a number of platforms.
Recently I have started a new unit at University on Digital Media. This unit has really made me think about what it means to have online profiles and how they should be used in the modern day, whether that’s for professional or personal uses.
Here is my list of 5 tips on how to use digital media for the modern gentleman or lady.

  1. Keep all your profiles updated: This is very important on platforms like Linkedin where having a solid online profile can mean the difference between getting a job or not.
  2. Be active: having active profiles means more than just keeping you friends in the loop it also shows that you have the skills and ability to stay up to date with current technology trends that could help you get that job. Also if you have social media you might as well use it.
  3. Keep a level privacy: No self-respecting gentleman or woman should be posting everything they do. Having an air of mystery around you is not a bad thing in today’s society and can keep you safe.
  4. Keep the hashtags to a minimum: Unless you are trying to run a business or build a name on Instagram then you friends don’t really need to see 20 plus hashtags on your posts
  5. Remember that once its online it never truely goes away: Be mindful of what you post and always think about what a potential employer might think if they see it

So those are some of my top tips for using social media as a modern day gentleman or lady. So go out and be social!


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