Moving Forward

The desire to continually move forward is a powerfully one, it’s what has pushed the human race to the point it is today. No matter the obstacles our human race continues to push the boundaries. Despite this sometimes it just seems like your life is standing still. So today I going to discuss how to keep life moving and breaking boundaries.

Having recently finished Mark Manson’s book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” I have picked up two useful take always on how to keep moving forward. This is only a part of everything I took away from this book and can give this book a huge recommend as its easily one of my favourite books.

The first take away and a pretty obvious one at that is to just work! Despite this being incredibly obvious it’s something that people often fail to do when stuck in a rut. We often wonder how to do something and just can’t work out how to do it, when in reality you just have to do! The art of action is possibly the most important skill anyone can learn because the only way to do something is to start!

But what happens if I don’t know how to start or I don’t know what I’m doing? Well this is my second take away from the book which is that nobody knows what they are actually doing. This is something I have very much realised since becoming what people would call an ‘adult’. As a child you get this sense that your parents and adults around them all have it figured out and know what to do in every situation. Then you grow up and realise this is not true at all, no one actually knows what the hell they are doing. Yes, they may have some more experience in some areas but in reality that only makes it slightly easier and you just have to wing it!

So get out there and start taking action, put in the work whether you know what you are doing or not. Experiment, try new things, put in the work and you’ll soon be moving forward again towards bigger and better things.


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