Five Books to Read

Reading books is one of my favourite activities I have introduced into my life again. I have always read books but up until last year I was never a consistent reader. 2016 I successfully completed my goal of reading 10 books and this is a list of my favourite 5.

 The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferris

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live – Jim Rohn. This quote is so important today with our ever sedentary world and diets of fast food. Instead of just feeding our bodies with real food we have to make the choice of looking after our bodies breaking away from the norm. This is ever more important while you’re in your twenties as it is the perfect time to start feeding you body with proper food and growing the muscle we are designed to have, so that you lay down the foundation for the rest of you life. The Four Hour Body discusses ideas on diet to exercise to even sex, this book is a great starting point to improving your health.

Games Without Rules: The often interrupted history of Afghanistan – Mir Tamim Ansary

Games Without Rules is a great book that brings the key parts of Afghanistan’s history together to highlight and discuss the many issues that are currently faced in Afghanistan. With so much of the worlds western countries military resources going into the region its useful to learn about why and how history has led us to this point.

Zero To One – Peter Thiel

Whether or not you are looking to become an entrepreneur or not this book discusses how to build ideas and explains many fundamentals of business.

What went wrong? Western impact and middle eastern response – Bernard Lewis 

What went wrong? covers the history of the middle east and islam and how the impact of the west and their own decisions have lead to the current issues we have in the world. This book is excellent at putting into perspective the problems in the world and how they are very much not a new problem.

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

The brain is more powerfully then many people are lead to believe. Think and Grow Rich covers the 13 techniques on how to lead a successful life all by using you thoughts and some action. The 13 steps of Desire, Faith, Autosuggestion, Specialised Knowledge, Imagination, Organised Planning, Decision, Persistence, Power of the Master Mind, The Mystery of Sex Transmutation, The Subconscious Mind, The Brain and The Sixth Sense are all very useful and can be used throughout life.

Reading is one of the most useful things we can do and I therefore challenge you guys to try and read 5 more books in 2017 than you did in 2016.

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